Love working with Tephanie. She’s very creative and I love her common sense approach to growing your business. Highly recommend working with her if your business is not growing.


Tephanie is the soul food for business. I love our brainstorming sessions as it brings me crystal clear clarity on my Vision, Mission, Impact, Identity and values. We brainstorm big and then we narrow the scope. I love it when she tells me to go big or go home!



This lady is one of the most brilliant minds I’ve met. She works hard to capture your vision. You can tell when she’s got it because her eyes reminds you of “That’s so Raven”. I usually press record on my phone when I see her with that look. You’ll love working with her!


Brand Ambassador

We hired Tephanie for her Leadership Framework series. There was a major disconnect with upper management and staff. We found her workshops very usual and highly motivating. We learned many core principles but the module on adaptability was the absolute greatest! One thing is for sure, you don’t need coffee. She’s a full shot of caffeine. 


I’ve worked with Tephanie on a few business endeavors and she never disappoints. I opened my restaurant under her guidance and instruction. When I mentioned I wanted to grow a chain of my restaurants, she led the charge. I now own 4 locations in 5 years and I’ll keep working with her every step of the way. 



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9am-5pm, Central US Time

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