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I am Tephanie DeLaney and my purpose is to help you develop your vision. I have worked with individuals, entrepreneurs from startups to existing business owners, brands, corporate executives, event planners and more. We work together in developing what they feel they are designed to do and I want to do the same for you.


It all starts with where and how you see yourself, your business or brand. This is called visualization. In many cases, it never moves beyond that point. Typically due to several reasons but it’s primarily due to lack, of many kinds. There’s the lack of resources, support, information, inspiration, personal development, knowledge, belief and more! What these individual lacks ultimately lead to is the lack of manifestation.


Tephanie DeLaney is a nationally sought-after business developer, corporate and leadership advisor. She is also a licensed Realtor in MN & MO. With a heart for giving,  she contributes to several local and national community organizations. Tephanie leverages nearly 20 years of business experience to advance entrepreneurs, locally and nationally.

Passionate about empowering others, in 2017 she co-founded the Twin Cities Natural Hair & Beauty Expo. While promoting “Sisterhood and Solidarity”, this annual expo shined a national spotlight on Minneapolis/St. Paul. Each year, since the expo’s inception, people from all over the country travel to the Twin Cities with a purpose to empower women, businesses and brands. During the global pandemic and the national rioting crisis of 2020, Tephanie led the charge to create an online marketplace; designed for black owned businesses.

As the founder of a small independent consulting company, Visionary Coaching Academy, she’s worked with organizations in the areas of business/brand development, strategy, management, marketing, image branding and operations. She now leverages that experience to work with new or existing businesses, corporations, product brands and emerging leaders who desires to take their endeavors to the next level.


Whether you are starting a business, restructuring an existing business, in a position of leadership, developing or redeveloping a concept or brand, I have worked with it all! My experience ranges from entrepreneurs, established brands, restaurateurs, corporate executives, real estate professionals, cosmetic product lines, community leaders, political figures, celebrities, event planners, non-profit organizations  and more. It doesn’t matter who you are, your endeavor will benefit from having a “Wild-Eyed Visionary” as a development partner!

I have helped businesses develop from the ground up. I’m 100% committed to helping you with Business plans, obtaining funding, building business credit,  establishing your entity, strategic planning, critical thinking with fresh perspectives while enjoying the experience along the way!

Becoming The Visionary

As a serial entrepreneur, her path to entrepreneurship started at a very young age. At age 9, Tephanie rode her bike to and from the grocery store for community elders. By age 20, I was Missouri’s vice chairwoman for the Million Woman March and co-host of a politically controversial radio talk show. In 1997, she was given the title, Wild Eyed Visionary, by a contributing writer of the St. Louis American Newspaper. She had to be involved and being involved opened doors of opportunities. These opportunities eventually lead her to a seat at the table of some very high-level masterminding groups and a connection to an international network of entrepreneurial women.

Tephanie’s world changed just shy of her 25th birthday. She became a mother and as many new parents, she had to manage parenting, a career at a large financial institution, while owning and operating a retail store. She leveraged these experiences and began working with businesses, executives and leaders as their development partner. I have nearly 20 years of experience in various aspects of business establishment and management, consulting, business funding,  real estate and the financial industry. Her portfolio ranges from clients that were more ambitious and aspiring to those that were yielding and indecisive. Tephanie has advised large multi-national organizations, celebrities, brands owned by Fortune 500 companies,  individuals looking to start a small business, cultivate their skills, build their own personal brand, etc. Her expertise in Business Development includes strategy, leadership framework, staying competitive, brand curation, establishing business credit, management, marketing, operations, and financing. Businesses succeed from having effective leadership, marketing and management principles.

Working with Tephanie as your development partner, she’ll focus on creating a win-win approach to developing your business idea and providing you with the tools necessary for manifesting your vision. Known as a wild-eyed visionary, she helps her clients see their vision from different perspectives. In addition to her degree in Business Management, Tephanie is professionally certified and intensively trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Life Coach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is also a licensed Realtor in Minnesota and a member of the National Association of Realtors. Her motto, “If you can see it, you can achieve it”, leads the way in her workshops, The Power of Visualization, Manifestation & Elevation; In that Order.  It helps to have a navigation partner, assisting you with your route.

On a personal note, Tephanie DeLaney, a survivor, mentors and speaks to women as young as 13 regarding awareness and prevention of domestic violence.  She currently serves on the board of directors for various non-profits and started a Safe Space program in 2019,

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