NLP for Professionals

Experiencing a stall? We all do from time to time. In most cases, we are unclear of the cause for the lack of productivity. As a certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, I have extensive training in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Let’s work together to get to the core of the matter!

While working with entrepreneurs and executives, I’ve seen it all. Sometimes things are cloudy and you’re seeking clarity around your career. Others may find themselves struggling with a business in  turbulent conditions. It is not uncommon to feel stuck and can’t seem to find a way to move forward. Have you considered taking a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies? Countless successful individuals have applied NLP strategies to their career goals for over 50 years. Neuro Linguistic Programming relates to your thoughts, the language you use daily and patterns of behavior you’ve learned through life experiences. These patterns impact your outcomes more than you can imagine.

Does any of these complaints relates to you?

  • The work you’re doing has become unfulfilling or stagnant
  • You’re unable to break through to the next level of leadership in your career
  • You struggle with being heard, especially with decision-makers, influencers or potential clients
  • You have repeatedly been passed over for prime projects or promotions with no clear explanation as to why
  • Your business has low revenue growth, high operating costs, or low ROI and your leadership confidence is shaken

If so, you’ll be happy to know that by changing the energy of your relationships, you take control of the situation so YOU are in the driver’s seat. This means changing the power dynamic so you have control over how YOUR work fits into YOUR vision of YOUR future.

Let’s be honest; if you find yourself in a stressful situation, and it doesn’t fit into where you see yourself going forward, then working with an advisor  can help you change the situation. By creating a shift in how you show up – that is, a presence that’s consistent,memorable and powerful – you can move people in a new direction, including yourself.

In order to thrive and be successful, as emerging leaders (those of us on the cusp of breaking through to the next level in our evolution) we must rethink, reshape and reinvent our strategies for growth.

In confronting these challenges, where should emerging leaders look for maximum impact?

My extensive research and experience makes it clear that being strategic when it comes to how you communicate, how well you perform and how you show your strengths will form the foundation for building new relationships, as well as an image that maximizes the impact of your professional brand.

Many times we’re the only ones standing in the way of our own success, Working with a NLP Practitioner (even for a short time) can help you create the shift in perspective needed to get your confidence back and start moving forward again.

What you Can Expect

During our session(s), I will work with you to identify the roadblocks you are facing. We will build an approach together that helps you feel more empowered in your choices and helps you take the right steps to achieve the changes you want.

NLP Session(s) may be ideal for you if you want to change your work environment, identify your obstacles and would like to create a clear and concise action plan. You may want to build your professional brand, develop a new image, take charge of your business, or make a career change. This conversation will provide clarity about what to do, when to do it, and how to maximize your efforts. The session includes:

  • A detailed questionnaire to help me understand your goals and to identify your passion and purpose.
  • A deeper dive analyzing any mental roadblocks
  • A one-hour session where we work together to share ideas and develop strategies for change.
  • A personalized comprehensive change management summary of the session, including an action playbook and recommendations.