Leadership Made Easy

“Leadership Made Easy”
How to grow your business or career using your leadership skills


In this program, you’ll learn to develop your leadership skills – to change your career, change your business, and change your life. The program is intended to give you momentum heading into the New Year with a strategy for achieving the goals you set for yourself and a plan to make it happen. You will learn which attributes are most critical to creating a high performance leadership style that will drive your progress and accelerate sustainable and profitable growth for you.

Target Audience

This program is for you if you feel something is missing in your leadership development.

  • Do you struggle with communicating your ideas or being heard?
  • Do you bounce around not really sure what you want to do from one project to the next?
  • Have you started new endeavors only to find that it’s not what you thought it would be and just give up?
  • Do you find that people around you seem to have an easier time finding success,but you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong?

This is for people who want to develop their leadership skills – to take charge of their careers or business and create an actionable strategy going forward to capitalize on those strengths.


This is a five-week program with weekly live webinars that go deep into the Five Pillars of Leadership by addressing one pillar each week. Each session will run 60-minutes, and will be recorded and available for replay.  In addition, each participant will receive a 90-minute one-on-one coaching session with me where I answer any questions you may have. Make sure to download the syllabus, which includes additional information on the materials, toolkits, cost and time commitment.

Week 1 – Define Your Mission and Vision
Week 2 – Attitude + Behavior = Success
Week 3 – Develop a Strategy That Works
Week 4 – Build Your Power Network
Week 5 – Communicate with Style

At the end of the program, you will have created a strategy for building your professional presence. It’s my pleasure to share with you this program as you work your way towards becoming an elegant leader, a responsible leader, and a next level leader!

Program Details

Module 1 – Define Your Mission and Vision

Identify your vision, your mission and how you want to be seen.

You’ll learn how to identify what you value most and imagine what the future holds for you.  You’ll learn how to create and inspire your vision, and what it means to be an integrative leader. (Materials: strategic plan worksheets; case study; CEO profile; expert interview)

  • Identify what you value most and lead through that
  • Create and inspire a long-term vision for yourself
  • Identify what high performance means to you
  • Develop your plan
Module 2 – Attitude + Behavior = Success

Identify the behaviors that may be holding you back and the attitudes that will take you far.

You’ll give yourself an attitude checkup and leave some unproductive behaviors behind for good.  This module requires determination and self-reflection but will give you new confidence to move forward with purpose.  (Materials: case study; expert interview on how adding risk can feed success; Confidence Boosters worksheet)

  • Take stock of who you are
  • Develop your character
  • Identify past mistakes and clear the air
  • Cultivate the right attitude
Module 3 – Develop a Strategy That Works

Define your leadership brand, create a self-promotion strategy and find an authentic way to be comfortable in the limelight.

You’ll learn how to maximize your unique strengths. You’ll identify your areas of expertise and zero in on what makes people relate to you. You’ll develop a self-promotion strategy and a tactical approach to carry it out. (Materials: CEO profile; StrengthsFinder 2.0; self-promotion project plan template)

  • Define your leadership brand
  • Create your self promotion strategy
  • Look for opportunities that weren’t there before
  • Find a way to be authentic with your strengths
Module 4 – Build Your Power Network

Master the “power up” approach to strategically expanding your network.

You’ll learn how to lay the groundwork to build your power network by leveraging your personal brand to establish your power base. You’ll learn how to target your connections strategically, build relationships and give back with impact. (Materials: CEO profile on building a network with authenticity; templates on creating your A List of connections)

  • Lay the groundwork to create your network
  • Learn the strategic approach of powering up your network
  • Target your connections strategically
  • Learn the power of strategic sales
  • How networking with nuance sets you up for success