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Tephanie DeLaney

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Who am I
I am Tephanie DeLaney and my purpose is to help you develop your vision. I have worked with individuals, entrepreneurs from startups to existing business owners, brands, corporate executives, event planners and more. We work together in developing what they feel they are designed to do and I want to do the same for you. Learn more
Where does it Start
It all starts with where and how you see yourself, your business or brand. This is called visualization. In many cases, it never moves beyond that point. Typically due to several reasons but it’s primarily due to lack, of many kinds. Learn more
Why Tephanie
EXPERIENCE DOES MATTER Whether you are starting a business, restructuring an existing business, in a position of leadership, developing or redeveloping a concept or brand, I have worked with it all! My experience ranges from entrepreneurs, established brands Learn more


Business Development

Business development is about nurturing the right relationships with the right partners. When looking to hire someone to help develop your business, you need someone that’s a creative & quick learner, innovative and strategic.

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Project Development

Project development is a start-to-finish approach to getting things done and making projects more successful. A new project, business idea or an event is anything carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim or goal.

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Personal Development

As a certified NLP Practitioner, I am passionate about how you think and see your success! Together, we will work on sharpening, conditioning and developing a winning mindset as it relates to your business endeavor. I will help you sculpt a results-driven plan for increase!

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Sales Development

Successful sellers need to learn a lot fast, and figure out how to best integrate that new knowledge into customer interactions. I provide top-notch sales coaching program & strategies designed to produce #1 sales reps.

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Brand Development

Your brand is your promise! It is the very staple of your image and business. It’s important to position your brand properly in its market space. It’s even more important to ensure your brand stand for the purpose of your business.

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Team Development

Teams are an effective tool of employee motivation. Team development creates a captivating atmosphere by encouraging co-operation, teamwork, interdependence and by building trust among team members.

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Leadership Development

Leadership skills can change your career, change your business, and your life. In this training you will learn which attributes are most critical to creating a high performance leadership style that will drive your progress and accelerate sustainable and profitable growth for you.

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Capital Development

This module is about gaining an understanding on raising capital for your business. Business capital is critical to your success. When determining how you’ll fund your endeavor, you need a clearly defined plan and a path to follow, otherwise you could end up wasting your time and money.

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Develop Business Credit

Learn how to build business credit, establish or improve your Dun & Bradstreet along with the essential tools that will help boost your company’s credit worthiness. Building business credit often seem like a mystery for many small businesses when it’s a simple yet strategic formula.

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