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Thank you for your interest in my work. Whether you want to work with me through a coaching or speaking engagement, ask me a question that’s been on your mind, or give me valuable feedback, I’m happy to start a conversation. The best way to get in touch with me is to fill out the form below or write me directly at I read every message and do my best to respond within 48 business hours. Generally, I work Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, Central US Time. If you don’t hear back from me, though, it means I may not have received your note, so please do send it again.
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General Questions


Are you expensive to hire?

I have several plans and tiers within different price ranges. I also have monthly pay options

Do I need a business coach?

The short answer is no. Absolutely not! You do not “need” a business development coach. Many businesses are very successful without hiring a consultant. That does not mean they did not have their share of unneccessary obstacles. My clients often celebrate the fact that I assist them with finding clarity around their ideas. It certainly saves you a lot of time and money to pay for helpful guidance and insight.

Do you offer Mentorship?

Yes! I do have a mentorship program as well as a guidance system. I establish four free mentoring relationships each year; one per quarter. My guidance system is designed to offer continuous mentoring on a weekly basis. (small monthly fee applies) 

What makes me different?

A good business development partner is a great listener. It’s important to learn what you know about your business venture and further educate on the things you don’t know.
The business development process could vary based on industry, business model and stage of maturity of a company. When called as a business developer for a startup, most of the activities are connected to growing the startup and bringing it to life or to the next stage of growth. My mindset has been fine-tuned for growth and that’s what makes me a successful business developer.

Have you worked with my type of business before?

Although the blueprint will vary by industry, my promise to you is that I will always cover the basics. What I consider the basics is what it takes for any business to be successful. These include finding the financing for your business, establishing your Dun & Bradstreet & business credit, marketing, branding and creating your footprint!

What should you look for in a Business Development Coach?

When looking to hire someone to help your develop your business, you need someone that’s a quick learner, innovative and strategic. You’ll need them to be able to learn about as many principles needed and rapidly deep understanding of your industry to drive your company’s growth. A good business development partner is a great listener. It’s important to learn what you know about your business venture and further educate on the things you don’t know.

The Bottom Line! Business development is about nurturing the right relationships with the right partners!

Let’s Learn Together!

I am so excited to launch the Visionary Coaching Academy! In this platform we will learn together! You can sign up for robust courses in developing your business and more. I’ve invited many of my coach friends to join me each month with different modules! This system is designed for movers and shakers…Let’s go!

If you’d like to book an individual session with me..Let’s talk!

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