As a business development adviser, I train on my clients how to cultivate their ideas, establish their presence in their business space.

Business development is about nurturing the right relationships with partners. When looking to hire someone to help your develop your business, you need someone that’s a quick learner, innovative and strategic. You’ll need them to be able to learn about as many principles needed and rapidly deep understanding of your industry to drive your company’s growth. A good business development partner is a great listener. It’s important to learn what you know about your business venture and further educate on the things you don’t know.
The business development process could vary based on industry, business model and stage of maturity of a company. When called as a business developer for a startup, most of the activities are connected to growing the startup and bringing it to life or to the next stage of growth. My mindset has been fine-tuned for growth and that’s what makes me a successful business developer.
Although the blueprint will vary by industry, my promise to you is that I will always cover the basics. What I consider the basics is what it takes for any business to be successful. These include finding the financing for your business, establishing your Dun & Bradstreet & business credit, marketing, branding and creating your footprint!

The Development Program

This is my most common package  …

In my individual business advising programs, I work directly with professionals, from entrepreneurs to executives, helping them to be seen as leaders, influencers and trailblazers. In our time together, we will focus on the areas where you would like to grow, including:

  • Defining your professional brand.
  • Creating a powerful image, footprints and presence.
  • Identifying and leveraging your strengths effectively.
  • Establishing professional relationships that allows you new opportunities while forging a connection with decision makers.
  • Identifying a growth strategy, target market and developing offerings that result in repeat sales.
Building a Business or Brand?
This package is for early stage business owners who need to get the business model right & a strategic plan for taking bold action.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

Your Investment:

$1495 for a 5 planning sessions + 3 follow-up sessions. Also includes three additional months of Email & Zoom support, reviews of your work as well as access to the private Facebook group with others working on the exact same solutions.

  • Your true vision & how you want to work

  • Who is best served by the work you do
  • Your brand promise, core value & ideal offers
  • What to say when you show up in the world
  • The best marketing for you & your services.

Additional Programs

There are additional ways we can work together: Workshop Based Training, three-monthsix-month &12-month business advising packages!

Each approach suits different people at different stages in their business, career and leadership development.

See below to learn more about the opportunities available to you.

For professionals seeking advancement and growth opportunities, this program teaches you how to cultivate powerful relationships, develop a highly engaging image, convert wins into revenue, and become seen as a leader in your industry.

If you are looking for clarity in your career or business, this one-on-one program features the NLP Framework. The program includes:

  • An online strengths assessment that determines your strengths and helps you find a new perspective on the areas where you excel.
  • A detailed questionnaire to complete, which will help Tephanie understand your short-term and long-term goals.
  • An initial call of up to two hours to get to know each other and discuss your assessment results, goals, passion, challenges and what you would like to achieve.
  • Development of a roadmap to identify your top strategic priorities and a plan to actualize those goals.
  • Two one-hour coaching calls per month after the initial introduction call.
  • There will be individualized homework between sessions.
  • BONUS: You will have unlimited email access to Tephanie throughout the program.
  • Two package levels: a three-month boot camp and six-month intensive reboot.

This program is best for you if you are stuck in an unsatisfying or stressful situation and need to create quick change in order to find relief. The goal is to create an environment of empowerment for you so that positive change can occur.-Customized Pricing

The Mastermind Workshops-$499

The Mastermind are high-level workshops where I teach you or your group strategic business principles, brainstorming strategies, and cultivate mindset to grow. After each workshop, participants have a chance to work with me one-on-one for more specific & individualized sessions. It’s a great way to gather with like-minded, high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs, while learning new concepts.

It’s all about creating a growth strategy … for your business and for your career.

This is for you if:

  • You or your group have a very specific goal of breaking through to the next level in your business or career.
  • You have a specific leadership or management role your interested in being groomed.
  • You are a business owner looking for strategic growth.
The Masters Program-Half Price Sale During COVID-19 $2495 (payment plans accepted)  Regular price $4999

This program is all-inclusive of the above packages, plus the following:

  • We will spend a full year working together, including three in-person sessions – one at the start of the program, one at the six-month point, and the last one at the conclusion of the program.
  • We will identify your top priorities and focus primarily on achieving those goals.
  • Unlimited email and phone access for 12 months, so you can reach out to me to ask questions, receive advice, and gain insights.
  • Participation in a forward-thinking, private group of like-minded, high-achieving professionals.

This program is best for self-motivated professionals who know where they’re going, and recognize they would benefit from strategic guidance to enable them to move even faster by working with a business coach. The goal is to exponentially grow your career and your income.

Tephanie only works with a small number of individuals and makes each client her highest priority. If you want a chance to work with her, please request an application.