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Tephanie Delaney, an award-winning visionary force behind several endeavors, serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of Wild-Eyed VisionAries Media & Branding Group. Renowned for her fervent dedication to empowering brands and reshaping narratives, she excels as a Celebrity Branding Agent, igniting the potential of celebrities and celeb-alikes alike.

Leveraging her expertise, Tephanie breathes life into visions and amplifies voices, whether of established icons or emerging entrepreneurs, sparking brilliance within each brand she encounters. As the creator of Brand Like a Celebrity®, a specialized branding agency catering to entrepreneurs, creatives, events, athletes, and professionals of eminent stature, Tephanie is highly esteemed in her field.

She is also a founding producer of the Twin Cities Hair & Beauty Expo, the largest event of its kind in the Upper Midwest. This annual gathering draws thousands from across the country, utilizing the realms of hair and beauty to inspire, empower, and educate people of color on various socioeconomic issues. Additionally, she launched The All-New Gulf Coast Small Business Expo in Panama City Beach, FL.

Furthermore, Tephanie is the creator of Cultural Kare Magazine, a publication dedicated to spotlighting the stories of those actively nurturing and advancing our culture. This magazine serves as a guiding light for individuals striving to make impactful advancements in their respective fields.



Known for her philanthropic efforts and passion for economic empowerment for people of color, Tephanie strongly believes in creating ways to recycle the Black dollar. In response to the global pandemic, Tephanie created an online marketplace in 2020 for businesses that were at least 51% Black-owned. This marketplace launched on July 7th, 2020, on Blackout Tuesday and attracted over 100,000 visitors within the first six weeks and over 1 million visitors to the online mall in its first year.

This marketplace was designed during the civil unrest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Although it was created in an emotionally charged environment, it was determined to transform this challenging time for Black people into a period of advancement and empowerment. The underlying principle was that we must support one another and create our own avenues of opportunity.


More about me…

I am Tephanie Delaney, my friends call me Teph, often hailed as the “Wild-Eyed Visionary.” As a distinguished Celebrity Branding Agent and Creative Consultant, I stand at the cutting edge of brand development. In my role as the Chief Visionary Officer of Wild-Eyed VisionAries Media Consulting Group, I helm a leading strategic consulting agency recognized for empowering entrepreneurs across the globe. My unique flair for generating unparalleled ideas and concepts, combined with a dynamic execution strategy, distinctly sets me apart in the industry.

My mission is singular yet profound: to empower the movers and shakers of the world, aiding them in developing and realizing their dreams. My talent shines in discovering innovative methods that assist entrepreneurs, whether it’s launching groundbreaking new ventures or propelling existing brands to unprecedented heights. My clientele spans a wide spectrum, including individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, established business owners, brands, celebrities, executives, event planners, and many more.

Whether I’m presenting at a workshop, commanding the stage at an event, leading a Zoom meeting, or engaged in one-on-one coaching, my presence is transformative. I possess an extraordinary ability to infuse life into entrepreneurial visions. My creativity is not just celebrated; it’s unparalleled. My penchant for thinking outside the box has not only garnered me international acclaim but also deep appreciation from those I work with.

Behind the scenes, my influence is substantial. I boast an impressive array of national clients, encompassing businesses, brands, films, productions, nonprofits, celebrities, and creative talents. My expertise is in high demand, not just in branding and consulting, but also in event organization and media.

I am proud to be a founding member of the Twin Cities Hair & Beauty Expo, the largest event of its kind in the Upper Midwest. This annual event, which draws thousands from across the country, leverages the realms of hair and beauty to inspire, empower, and educate women on a variety of socioeconomic issues.

Additionally, I am the creator of Cultural Kare Magazine, a publication dedicated to spotlighting stories of those actively nurturing and advancing our culture. This magazine is a guiding light for those seeking to make impactful advancements in their respective fields.

In essence, I, Tephanie Delaney, am a visionary through and through. My commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, my innovative approach to brand development, and my extensive influence across various sectors firmly establish me as a powerhouse in the realm of branding and creative consulting.

Brand Like a Celebrity is a Branding Agency, specializing in branding entrepreneurs, creatives, events, athletes, and professionals, as being highly recognized in their fields.

Founded by Celebrity Branding Agent, Tephanie Delaney, whose portfolio spans from celebrities, sports figures, films, major events, to some of the top entrepreneurs in the country.

What’s the deal with branding? I mean, why do we need it? It’s just a name and a logo, right? WRONG! Branding is like a secret weapon for your business. It can help you stand out in a crowded market, build trust with your customers, and create an emotional connection that keeps them coming back for more.

A strong brand is not just a logo, pictures, colors, a website, cards and promotional material. A strong brand is the PINNACLE of success and what sets you apart from your competition! No matter the industry, product, customer or size, a company’s brand is its single most important asset.

In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the competition. Building a strong brand can help you differentiate your business from others in your industry.

By creating a unique identity and messaging, you can establish your business as a leader in your space, which can help you attract and retain customers. It gives you an edge that makes you stand out from the rest.


Cultural Kare Magazine…

Cultural Kare is a vibrant magazine that celebrates and spotlights Black culture, while highlighting celebrities, mavens and entrepreneurs from various walks of life. With a focus on caring for the culture, this publication serves as inspiration and influence, celebrating culture, diversity, and the power of individuals who have transformed their lives and communities.


Twin cities hair & beauty expo…

The Twin Cities Hair & Beauty Expo is a vibrant and inclusive celebration of culture, beauty, and entrepreneurship. As one of the largest cultural hair expos in the Upper Midwest, it serves as a powerful platform for beauty professionals, trendsetters, and enthusiasts to come together, connect, and learn. The expo cultivates social enterprise
and ethnic inclusion, while honoring and celebrating hair as a centerpiece of black culture. This annual event is meticulously organized, bringing together a diverse community of entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals dedicated to celebrating diversity, inclusion, and social equity. A mosaic of exhibitions, workshops, and networking opportunities, the Twin Cities Hair & Beauty Expo fosters an environment where creativity, empowerment, and cultural appreciation thrive.



My passion for cultivating, empowering, and educating is evident in every aspect of my work. With over two decades of experience in the real estate industry and entrepreneurial development space, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My “can-do” mindset is infectious, and inspires others to embrace their own potential and transcend perceived limitations.
Whether you are a new Brand, restructuring your Brand, in a position of leadership, developing or redeveloping a concept or brand, I have worked with it all! My experience ranges from celebrities,  entrepreneurs, established brands, restaurateurs, corporate executives, real estate professionals, cosmetic product lines, community leaders, political figures, celebrities, event planners, non-profit organizations  and more.

My clients rely on me to be their partner in growing their business. I utilize several public relations tactics that are all aimed at driving publicity, visibility and notoriety to your business and brand. It doesn’t matter who you are, your endeavor will benefit from having a “Wild-Eyed Visionary” as a development partner!

I have helped Brands develop from the ground up. I’m 100% committed to helping you with branding your image, strategic planning, critical thinking with fresh perspectives while enjoying the experience along the way! Leveraging extensive experience to empower others, I utilize every resource available to help you succeed. 

control your own narrative: live life by design!

There’s  far more to me beyond celebrity branding. I am the founder of BlackBuyBlack.com, an online marketplace dedicated to recycling the black dollar by promoting and economically empowering black-owned businesses. I aspire to create a more fair and equitable marketplace.
My dedication to empower others, spills  into the Twin Cities Hair & Beauty Expo, what is now the largest cultural hair expo in the Upper Midwest.  As one of the executive producers of this annual celebration, I further my mission to create spaces where entrepreneurs of color,  professionals, trendsetters, and enthusiasts can come together to establish connections, learn, celebrate diversity, inclusion and social equity.
Passionate about BEING the change and inspired by my business partner, we wanted to own a piece of this earth! Land is the ONLY  thing will not be reproduced! I am the proud co-owner of a 20-acre land project, nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, Missouri. The project, known as Earth’s Sacred Grounds, will become a sanctuary where individuals can reconnect with the creator, Earth, and find solace in its beauty.





Let talk Branding:

My common mistake Brands make…

Trust me, I’m a brand

Trust is important in any relationship, and it’s no different in business. When you establish a brand, you’re creating a promise to your customers. You’re saying, “Hey, trust me, I’m a brand.” And when you deliver on that promise, you’re building trust with your customers. It’s like having a friend who always keeps their word. You know you can count on them, and that’s a great feeling.

By creating a consistent message and delivering a high-quality product or service, you can build a positive reputation in the minds of your customers. This can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business, as well as positive word-of-mouth referrals.

You have to establish Emotional connections:

You know how sometimes you meet someone, and you just click? You have the same interests, and the same sense of humor, and you just get each other. Well, that’s what branding can do for your business.

Creating a brand that aligns with your target audience’s values and interests allows you to establish an emotional connection with them. It’s like being in a long-term relationship, where you know each other’s likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams.

By crafting a message that resonates with your target audience and aligns with their values, you can establish a relationship with your customers that goes beyond just a transaction.



The goal is not to fit in.  The goal is to STAND OUT!

By differentiating yourself from your competitors and establishing credibility and trust with your customers, you can gain a competitive edge in the market. It’s like being the quarterback of your industry, the one who always makes the winning play.

A strong brand can give you a competitive advantage in the market. By differentiating your business from others and establishing credibility and trust, you can position your business as a leader in your space. This can help you attract new customers, retain existing ones, and ultimately drive growth and profitability.


featured on…



Tephanie is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. 

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