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I am Tephanie DeLaney and my purpose is to help you develop and publicize your vision. I work with individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, existing business owners, brands, celebrities, executives, event planners and more. Simply put, I will help you structure your brand and grow. We will work together in developing what you feel you are designed to do.

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Whether you are starting a business, restructuring an existing business, in a position of leadership, developing or redeveloping a concept or brand, I have worked with it all! My experience ranges from entrepreneurs, established brands, restaurateurs, corporate executives, real estate professionals, cosmetic product lines, community leaders, political figures, celebrities, event planners, non-profit organizations  and more. My clients rely on me to be their partner in growing their business. I utilize several public relations tactics that are all aimed at driving publicity, visibility and notoriety to your business and brand. It doesn’t matter who you are, your endeavor will benefit from having a “Wild-Eyed Visionary” as a development partner!

I have helped businesses develop from the ground up. I’m 100% committed to helping you with branding your image, strategic planning, critical thinking with fresh perspectives while enjoying the experience along the way! Leveraging extensive experience to empower others, I utilize every resource available to help you succeed. 


It all starts with where and how you see yourself, your business or brand. This is called visualization. In many cases, it never moves beyond that point. Typically due to several reasons but it’s primarily due to lack, of many kinds. There’s the lack of resources, support, information, inspiration, personal development, knowledge, belief and more! What these individual lacks ultimately lead to is the lack of manifestation.

UPCOMING-Her-story in the making

Her-Story in the Making is Web-Series designed to empower women. Learn the encouraging journeys of powerhouse women building empires.
“Her-Story in the Making” A Web-Series is the journeys of powerhouse women that’s building, built and/or rebuilt their empires. The series is to designed to promote hope in women giving up! Often, people see the outcome, but have no idea of the challenges we had to overcome!
The webisodes will include the stories of:
Monique Jackson- Celebrity publicist, brand marketing strategist, tv show creator, executive producer, author and transformational speaker with over 20 years of experience.
Nancy Korsah– CEO & Founder of Black Business Enterprises, The Black Business Ball, TMG and speaker
Alysha Price -The CEO & Founder of both The Price Dynamic and Dynamic Family Solutions 501(c)3 which supports young black parents to co-parent effectively and creator of The DOPE TRIBE
Jacqueline Rambin – Founder of The Prestigious Professional, collaborative career Coach that specializes in cultural competence and justice
Feva Daniels -Entrepreneur, licensed cosmetology instructor, Master Hair Stylist, and the Founder of the Hair Relics brand and Jumpstart CEO
Briana McCall Cress -Owner of Gorgeous Looks Salon, Resilience Haircare & Landowner of Earth’s Sacred Grounds
Autumn Rae -Miss Black California USA 2022, independent songwriter, singer and mental health advocate
Ponchitta SashaWoo -Founder of Ponch Cosmetics, Beauty Enthusiast and creator of The Ponch Line Podcast
The series premiere will kickoff March 31, 2022 on YouTube. The webisodes will stream daily over 8-10 days.
                       Join us for Virtual Premiere Party! 



Tephanie, The Visionary Coach, is a business and lifestyle maven. Spending nearly two decades in the real estate industry, she’s definitely had her share of high and lows.

In 2013, she started a successful business development firm and found coaching fellow visionaries was truly fulfilling. Today, Delaney is a nationally sought-after business developer, corporate and leadership advisor. She is an active and licensed Realtor in MN & MO but her soft spot is giving. With a heart for giving,  she contributes to several local and national community organizations.

As a Business Development Coach, nationally, she’s helped hundreds of individuals, businesses, brands, and projects, unlock their greatest potential. Her development firm has now grown international. Many of her clients thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic.




Tephanie has had much success in her business endeavors. She prides her greatest accomplishment as being a single mother ofher son; currently in his second year of college. Her more recent endeavors include BlackBuyBlack.com, an online marketplace which reached just under 100,000 visitors in the first six weeks of launching as well as ChapterBlaq.com, an E-book platform, Author of the book, 13 Powerful Elements of Visualization, Known as a “Wild-Eyed Visionary, Tephanie is now launching her next venture, Visionary Coaching Academy. This online learning platform will host courses and webinars engaged in mentoring, coaching, business development, and educational support for entrepreneurs and coaches.

With a passion to empower young single mothers, she serves as co chair of the nonprofit organization Hands 2 Hand Resource Program. A servant leader, her volunteer efforts in multiple non-profit organizations is truly a testament to her character.


Publicity and Development

Let’s face it, you’re nobody until you give someone a reason to talk about you. Well, let’s give people something to talk about!

As a development partner, I assist my clients in:

  • Cultivating their ideas
  • Establishing their presence in their business space
  • Gain Maximum Visibility & Exposure
  • Establishing a strong digital footprint
  • Identifying brand promise, core value & ideal offers
  • Develop a can-do mindset
  • Make an achievable roadmap
  • Build Business Strategy and plans
  • Set objectives and targets

Project Development

A start-to-finish approach to getting things done and making projects more successful:


  • Your true vision & how you want it to work
  • My concepts can be used to guide small, simple projects as well as complex enterprise-wide initiatives
  • Gain clarity and certainty
  • Evaluate market opportunity 
  • Techniques and ideas that can be applied to achieve goals and manage a project or event more effectively

Leadership Development

A Team is Only as Strong as Its Leader:

  • Attitude + Behavior = Success
  • Develop a Strategy That Works
  • Build Your Power Network
  • Influence, Accountability and Impact
  • Improve productivity, morale and retention


HIRE Tephanie

Empowerment is my Purpose

Tephanie is well-known for her ability to uplift, encourage and empower.  Many of her clients love her down to earth style of coaching. She treats everyone as family and keeps a smile on her face.

As a speaker, she gets the audience stirred up!  Tephanie credits her impact to her life experiences. ” I have been there and done it all. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Nothing was handed to me but hand- me-downs but I always saw a bigger picture for myself. I didn’t care what statistics or my circumstances said, I knew I was always winning. I never lose! If I live through it, I learned from it!” 

A true survivor, Tephanie has survived and overcame domestic violence, poor personal choices, unsound financial decisions, huge financial losses and more. Somehow she always manage to rise above the circumstances and thrive. 

Tephanie believes we all have a superpower to rise above our challenges. She spills out this belief to her clients, workshops, during speaking engagements or with anyone she comes in contact with. ” I don’t focus on my past. All that is promised to us is the very moment we’re breathing in right now. What are you going to do with this moment because I’m going to make it my masterpiece!”   

Since 2012, Tephanie extensively studied Neuro-linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This journey was personal; spawned by her own experiences and inquisitiveness about the science behind the power of positive thinking. She became certified in both studies and teaches her clients the techniques and the art of  transforming their mindset, business, health and relationships.

Tephanie is able and willing to speak about a variety of topics, she specializes in the power that’s within visualization. Proclaimed as the “Wild-Eyed Visionary”, she attributes much of her success in life to learning to tap into this power.  

Becoming The Visionary

As a serial entrepreneur, her path to entrepreneurship started at a very young age. At age 9, Tephanie rode her bike to and from the grocery store for community elders. By age 20, I was Missouri’s vice chairwoman for the Million Woman March and a co-host of a politically controversial radio talk show on WGNU. I’m not a self-proclaimed Visionary. In 1997, I was given the title, Wild Eyed Visionary, by a contributing writer of the St. Louis American Newspaper in regards to an article about the Million Woman March. Even at the young age of 20, I was called to lead but I never had a takeover spirit.  I had to be involved and being involved opened doors of opportunities. These opportunities eventually lead to my seat at the table of some very high-level masterminding groups and a connection to an international network of entrepreneurial women.


Tephanie is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. 

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