Tephanie DeLaney is the answer to a visionary’s prayers. Her sole mission is empowering movers and shakers to develop their dreams. Known as the “Wild-Eyed Visionary”, she has a knack for identifying key methods to help entrepreneurs develop new ventures or take their existing businesses to the next level. She works with individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners, brands, corporate executives, event planners, and more. Whether at a workshop, event stage, Zoom meeting, or one-on-one coaching, she can effortlessly speak life into your dreams.

Tephanie has worked in a variety of roles within the real estate industry for nearly two decades. Currently a member of the National Association of Realtors, she holds an active license in Minnesota and Missouri. Although she achieved success in real estate early in life, there were times she maintained a corporate job, a retail store, and other side hustles, all while raising a son. However, total fulfillment eluded her. She had a persistent and troubling feeling that something was missing in her life, until one day when she realized she was not fully tapping into her God-given gifts. A believer, a mother, and a servant by nature, Tephanie decided to step out in faith and pursue a life of purpose. Since then, she has helped countless others give birth to their dreams!


The Founder and CEO of Wild-Eyed Visionary Consulting, Tephanie now leverages her extensive entrepreneurial background to assist others. She serves a community of fellow visionaries, entrepreneurs, business owners, brands, and corporations. Cultivating ideas through her strategic training, resources, and development system, she has gained the reputation of being a thought leader in her industry.

Tephanie is the driving force behind many ventures. Some of her more recent personal endeavors include the online marketplace BlackBuyBlack.com, which reached over 100,000 visitors in the first six weeks of launching and ChapterBlaq E-book platform. She is also the co-founder of The Twin Cities Natural Hair & Beauty Expo and Hands 2 Hand Non-Profit Resource Program. Adapting to a virtual workspace, Tephanie has recently added an online academy component to her consulting model, Visionary Coaching Academy. Launching in 2021, it is an online learning platform that provides coaching, business development, and educational support to entrepreneurs and coaches from multiple instructors.


Tephanie is well-known for her ability to uplift, encourage, and empower. Coming from humble beginnings, her clients and audiences find her down-to-earth style of speaking both endearing and relatable. With a logical approach to seeing beyond your personal circumstances, she engages audiences with authenticity and transparency. Tephanie is willing and able to speak on a variety of topics, but a favorite topic is the power of visualization. In fact, she attributes much of her own success to learning how to tap into this power. During the pandemic of 2020, she released her first book, 13 Powerful Elements of Visualization.

On a personal note, Tephanie, a survivor, mentors and speaks to women as young as 13 regarding awareness and prevention on domestic violence. 


Tephanie has had much success in her business endeavors, but she considers being a single mother to her only child, her greatest and most important accomplishment. Her son is currently enrolled at Minnesota State University-Mankato, majoring in Business Finance.

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